Only For Organic 45 Variety of Vegetable Seeds with Instruction Manual


  • Mega Vegetable Seeds Combo – 45 Variety, 2015+ Seeds
  • Best in class germination, Suitable for all Seasons, Fresh Seeds
  • Get Instruction Manual free
  • Growing Instructions Inside The Box
  • High Quality Seeds with Germination rate of above 80%
  • Best for Terrace/Balcony/Poly House Gardening


Important information

Legal Disclaimer:



The seeds are for sowing purpose only and cannot be consumed. treated with poison so keep away from children and pets

Treated with poison, name of chemical used Captan/Thiram do not use for Food, Feed and Oil purpose. The seeds confirm to the minimum standard specified under the seed act 1966

The exclusive remedy for loss or damage arising from any reason to any extent from purchase or use of the seed or the yield is limited up to the purchase price of the seed. if not agreeable to these conditions, customer may return the seed in unopened and original container for a refund of the full value of the seed.



Product description

7 Variety with 200 Seeds EachBaby SpinachCorianderFenugreekMustardRed SpinachSpinachOnion 4 Variety with 50 Seeds EachOoty CarrotRadish WhiteRed CarrotRadish Red 11 Variety with 20 Seeds EachBeetrootLady FingerBroccoliGreen CabbageCapsicum GreenCauliflowerChilliCluster BeansKnol KholPeasGarlic Chives 13 Variety with 10 Seeds EachBrinjal Purple LongBrinjal Green RoundCapsicum RedTindaMusk MelonTomatoTurnipKakriBrinjal Black BeautyCapsicum YellowAsparagusOrnamental ChilliBrinjal Green Long 10 Variety with 5 Seeds EachBitter GourdBottle Gourd LongCucumberFrench BeansRidge GourdSnake GourdPumpkinSponge GuardYard BeansWatermelon


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