Wolf-Garten Manual Hedge Trimmers (HS 1000 T) by Wolf-Garten


  • Precision-ground, curved and non-stick-coated blades.
  • The built-in branch cutter guarantees trouble-free cutting of thicker branches.
  • Individually adjustable blade pretension. High degree of flexibility through adjustable handles that securely click into place.
  • Trimming without backache in lower hedge areas and when trimming taller hedges.
  • Ergonomic light aluminium two-component handle.


Wolf Garten Manual Grass Shears/Trimmer For Cutting Lawn Edges Ri-T Good For Use In Home Garden, Small Farms. Lawn Edging In Hard-To-Reach Places Suitable For Cutting Along Walls Non-Stick Coated Blades 180° Rotatable Blade Head Curved Blades.


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