Petzlifeworld Sunsun HJB-120 Aquarium Electromagnetic Air Pump by Petzlifeworld


  • ◆Allumium alloy material,low noise operation, keep working for a long time and not easy to heat
  • ◆Multi-speed control
  • ◆High multi-output hose head
  • ◆Single/Dual outlet
  • ◆High quality compact air pump which is suitable for use in any Freshwater or Marine aquariums


Designed with advanced air-compressing system and multi-level muffler which produces extremely low noise. Specail synthetic diaphragm is used to regulate steady air compression without loss of efficiency. Comes with 4 dampers at the bottom of the housing so as to reduce noise and vibration during operation Product Specification Model: HJB-120 Pressure (max): 45Kpa Flow Rate: 120L/min Working Pressure:Less than 15Kpa Noise: Less than 48dB(A) Product Weight: 14.96lb


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