GreenLoop – Bamboo Plant Food (& for Money Plants)


  • For Lucky Bamboo plants and Money Plants in water. Expect 50% better growth and heathier greener plants. Shinier leaves. Special Liquid fertilizer. Easy to use – Just add a few drops to water. Works especially in water medium.
  • For faster growth of Bamboo plants. For healthier money plants. Much better root development happens by adding this regularly.
  • TWO Identical 30 ml bottles in each set. Each bottle provides nearly 6 months of nutrition per plant. Suits all kind of aquatic plants – Lucky Bamboo, Money Plants, Water Lily, Chinese Evergreen, Arrowheads, Dumbcanes, English ivy, Philodendron, Rhoeo, Wax Plant, Wandering Jew etc.
  • Very easy to use. Just add 10-15 drops of this concentrate in water of one plant, whenever you are changing water of the plant (once a week).
  • Contains maximum nutrients – N, P, K, S, NH4, B, Zn, Cu, Cl, Na, Mo, Mn, Fe. Composition is inorganic & proprietary. Do not use more than recommended dosage. Does NOT contain any pesticide or insecticide.


Important information

Safety Information:


Use as per recommeded dosage. Keep away from children. Do not eat or put in eyes.


Legal Disclaimer:


This is for aquatic plants. Do not use more than recommended dosage. Home users should not spray on leaves, to avoid inhaling or exposing eyes to fertilizer. Store bottles in shade.


Product Description

GreenLoop BAMBOO Plant Food is perfect answer for “what to use for my aquatic plants”.

You cannot use Khaad / manure, as it will spoil the water.

You cannot use normal fertilizer, as it will burn the plants.

Use GreenLoop BAMBOO Plant Food, for Aquatic plants like Lucky Bamboo, Money plants, Water Lily etc.

So easy to use.


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