Fdit Seawater Salinity Meter Aquarium Optics Temperature ATC Digital Refractometer by Fdit


  • It has 0 to 10% salinity, 0.01% scale
  • Durable aluminium body, durable and can use for a long time
  • Adjust the focus by twisting the handle
  • Compact design with rubber handle
  • Soft and flexible eyepiece for added comfort
  • Warranty not applicable for this product


Technical Details
Color defult
Item Weight 240 g
Product Dimensions 17 x 4 x 4 cm
Item Part Number Fditbtkzqpa94s
Primary material default
Capacity default

Fdit is a selfless and careful home-kitchen supplies craftsman,he devotes himself to provide the top-notch home-kitchen supplies to the common folk. We take each seriously while our choose our product, because it is about your convenient life. This is not a joke,we believe you care your family greatly Description: It is for measuring the salinity of salt water quickly and accurately, for agriculture, industry and research application, such as mariculture, fish culture, aquarium, marine survey, water monitoring, salt production, manufacture of normal saline, salinity measurement in food processing. It can also be used for medical institutions and university research. Operating procedures: 1. Open the cover and clean the detection prism with a soft cloth. 2. Take the test solution, place it on the detection prism, gently close the cover to avoid air bubbles, and make the solution spread over the prism surface and put the instrument into the light plate. 3. Align the light source or the bright area, observe the field of view through the eyepiece, and turn the eyepiece to adjust the handwheel. 4. Make the blue-white boundary of the field of view clear, and the scale value of the boundary is the concentration of the solution. Speciation: Salinity: 0~10% Study accurately: 0.01% Size: (Dia.) X (H)17 x 4cm / 6.69 X 1.57 Inch (appr.) Package Included: 1 x Salinity Refractometer 1 x Cloth 1 x Pipette 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Mini Screwdriver 1 x Storage Case with Inner Protective Tray.


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