EASYSHOPPINGBAZAAR Bird Control Anti Bird NET 2 X 8 Foot(16 SQ FT) White in Colour(Clips and Tying Ropes Include)


  • Harmless way to eliminate pigeon menace or bird problem
  • Inbuilt nylon ropes in all corners to install
  • UV stabilized, no effect of rain and sun
  • Totally safe for birds also, make in India
  • Please look other sizes we have 6/8, 6/10, 7/3, 4/6, 10/15, 20/10, 5/11, 6/15 and many more


Important information

Legal Disclaimer:


EASYSHOPPINGBAZAAR® PRODUCT DIFFERNTIATION HOW IS OUR BRAND DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS? 1.QUALITY – The quality of our ANTI BIRD NET is superior as compared to others and we promise you that the Net will work perfectly fine with all the wear and tear as it has no effect of rain and sun and is made up of best material. Hence it is comparatively durable and long lasting. Also check the WEIGHT of the our net and that of others and you can find the difference because we provide better quality product which has more weight while others have less. Buying products like nets online makes it difficult to differentiate as all images look same but don’t let this fool you . 2.DESIGN – All the nets available online might look similar but our ANTI BIRD NET is of 15 ply , have interlocked 4 MM borders with mesh size of 25mm and inbuilt ropes in every corner for better fit and easy installation. We also provide all the necessary installation equipments like cable ties, clips, hooks etc. 3.SERVICES AND INTERACTION – If any of our customer faces any issue with our product we are happy to be the there for them anytime. Our customer is free to call us anytime. We believe in after sale services and always keep grinding to keep our customers happy and fully satisfied. 4.EXPERIENCE – We’ve been selling since past 5 years and have achieved approx. 10k + 5 star reviews for our product and customer services. Easyshoppingbazaar® is registered brand. We have started a small start up business and other sellers have copied our product, its images and our ideas and are selling NETS of poor quality at cheaper price to increase their sale. Whereas we can guarantee you that our nets are made of superior quality and will work for at least 3 years i.e. our product life cycle is greater than others selling copied products . And even if during the time period you face any difficulty we’re more than happy to provide solution to your problem.

Product description

Size:2 X 8 FOOT(16 SQ FT ) WHITE

Harmless way to eliminate monkey problem mesh size 25 mm, strong nylon string for long life durability, best way to keep away unwanted monkey from balcony, totally safe for monkey, and make in INDIA project.


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