Casa De Amor Rose Care Special Organic Fertilizer for Rose Plants-2 KG


  • 100% Organic, Rose Care , Complete Care for Your Rose Plants
  • Boosts Branching and Flowering
  • APPLICATION & DOSE: When topping up soil for potted plant, apply 40-50 gm before watering the plant during early morning or late evening. Water the plants immediately after the application. Apply the product every 2 weeks.
  • Please do not spray or use any ‘chemical fungicide or antibiotic’ 10 days before or after application of Rose Care.


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Product Description

Roses are very popular plants to grow in the garden and they produce beautiful flowers that can be used in a multitude of ways. Growing roses requires careful monitoring of the plant to make sure that it is receiving enough water and nutrients, and that it is not diseased in any way. The best way to ensure that the plant is getting all it needs is to use organic fertilizer that will add the necessary nutrients that the plant needs to grow and produce beautiful flowers.

Casa De Amor Rose Care Fertilizer is organic which provides complete care to all variants of rose plants and have long lasting effects. Boosts branching and flowering and keeps the rose plants greener and healthier.

Casa De Amor Rose Care

About Us

We want to bring Love in everybody’s home. And we believe that a home that has beautiful flowers and lush green plants will always have love and abundance. So grow lots of flowers, green vegetables, fruits, and green lawns, together with your loved ones and bring more and more love, abundance, prosperity and health to your home. We are dedicated to manufacturing and proving Organic Gardening and Farming Inputs to our customers.


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